Now that the Texas electricity market is unregulated there are many more companies competing on the open market and with so much competition consumers need more factors to compare.

This is why some companies, such as TXU Energy, are offering more than just electricity as a way to better compete for consumer business.

Compare Texas electricity companies serving residential customers using the Electric Rates online comparison tool.

  • TXU offers energy saving tips to help consumers bring down their energy usage and ultimately their energy costs.
  • You can find lists of energy saving products at the TXU website.
  • Informative articles are provided by TXU electricity that will help you learn more about taking control of your energy costs.

Any energy company can say that they offer electricity but TXU can say that they offer more.  Sure paying a lower energy rate is important but you can save even more when you learn ways to reduce your energy usage.  TXU will help you to determine how you can save money on your energy costs every day.

Call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to find out more about comparing the rates, and other factors, of the many Texas electricity providers, including TXU.

Within a few minutes you will have a better idea of which company will offer you the most and then from there the decision is yours.

Don’t buy your electricity from a company that only offers minimal incentives when you can call Electric Rates and find one that offers more.

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