TXU: Paving the Way for Solar Energy Education

by Michelle on January 25, 2011

Many Texas electricity companies are offering their customers lower rates now that there is more competition in the market and one way that they are able to do that is by buying electricity produced from cleaner, more renewable, and cheaper sources.

TXU is competing in the open market and they are doing more than just providing energy produced from such sources but are also educating the young public about them too.

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  • TXU offers an academy on solar energy for school districts that wish to become involved in learning more about this very renewable energy source.
  • Certain reimbursements are available for some classrooms who wish to take part in the program.
  • Teaching children the value of energy conservation and money saving technology will decrease the risk of them dealing with energy issues later down the road.

Saving money by paying a lower electricity rate is fine for now but in order to really address energy shortage and cost problems alternative sources of energy need to be explored.

Initiatives such as these that are taken by certain electricity companies are factors that you may want to consider when choosing an electricity company.

To compare Texas energy companies use Electric Rates’ online comparison tool.

With this tool you can compare multiple companies all in one step.

When comparing is so easy it doesn’t make sense not to do it.

Call an Electric Rates consultant or use the online tool to determine which company presents the values, and the price, that you want in an electricity company.

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