With many electricity companies lowering their rates in order to compete in the now open market in Texas it may come as a surprise that CenterPoint Energy is actually proposing a rate hike.

In fact, the rate hike proposal was so high that two Texas judges are suggesting that the company increases the rate by over $80 million less than they plan to.

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  • The CenterPoint Energy proposal will be examined by the Public Utility Commission, who will make the final decision as to the amount of the rate increase, in January.
  • A similar situation occurred with the North Texas utility provider Oncor, who proposed a much higher rate than what was ultimately approved.
  • More than two-million customers are supplied with energy coming from CenterPoint poles and lines.

Although CenterPoint may not have 2 million customers the poles and lines maintained by them do supply power to as many people.

This is due to the fact that alternative energy companies can purchase electricity generated by other companies and then sell it you.

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