CenterPoint Lowers Natural Gas Prices

by Michelle on January 13, 2011

With winter just around the corner it is good news for the many Texas residents to hear that CenterPoint Energy lowered their natural gas prices this year.

It may not always be snowy and cold in Texas as it is in the Northeast but that doesn’t mean that Texans don’t turn on the heat sometimes.

If you are one of the unlucky Texas residents that heats with electricity though you likely will not be seeing any discounts which is why you should compare electricity company rates.

  • Since Texas electricity deregulation multiple companies are able to offer energy to Texas customers.
  • Energy consumers who compare energy companies such as CenterPoint to others can often save a significant amount of cash on their electricity costs.
  • CenterPoint Energy lowered their natural gas rates in November by 8.8 percent.

Texas electricity deregulation definitely allows for more choices by the consumer and more choices mean more of a chance of getting what you want.

CenterPoint may have lowered their gas rate but it is important to look at the overall picture when choosing a utility company as your energy costs are likely one of the larger items on your budget.

Do not be stuck paying a low rate for one part of your utility bill and an exorbitant rate for the other when you can probably find lower rates for both.

Look at a comprehensive comparison chart by using the Electric Rates online rate comparison tool.

Simply call 1-800-971-4020 and an Electric Rates consultant can tell you how to make the comparison and possibly how to start saving money today.

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