TXU Energy Helps Customers Reduce Holiday Lighting Costs

by Michelle on December 16, 2010

TXU Energy in Texas is helping their customers save money on their holiday lighting costs this year by allowing customers to trade in their typical holiday lights for LED lights which are not only brighter but much more energy efficient as well.

Using LED lights can save a significant amount of energy when it comes to your holiday decorations and everybody could use a little extra cash around the holidays.

nother way to save money on energy costs is to compare how much the different energy providers charge for their supply and services which you can do using the Electric Rates comparison tool to the right.

  • Using LED lights will result in about 1/3 less energy usage than traditional holiday lights.
  • Another good way to bring down holiday decorating costs is to use decorations that require no power.
  • TXU Energy’s holiday light trade in could spur a trend in efficient holiday decorating and lighting.

Money is already tight for many people throughout the holiday season so why not make it easier on yourself, at least a little, by not adding to your already high energy bill as much as you usually do.  Take advantage of TXU’s trade in program and save yourself some money this holiday season.

In addition, call 1-800-971-4020 and find out how to find a lower energy rate as well and then you could really be saving money this year.

Simply speak to an Electric Rates representative and they will help you make the comparison between TXU Energy and other Texas energy suppliers.

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