Saving on your monthly energy bill has not been easy up until now.

In the past in order to reduce the amount of money you send every month to your utility provider you had to greatly reduce the amount of electricity you use but now you can save every month without having to make any changes except for who you have supply your energy.

This is a new thing due to the fact that up until recently the utilities market was strictly regulated and you had very few choices in who you could choose to supply you with your electricity.

Now that the market in states such as Pennsylvania is deregulated you have many choices and switching could mean paying considerably less than you are paying currently for your electricity.

Reducing your electricity costs is as simple as comparing the rates of the companies that supply electricity to your Pennsylvania area.

There are many ways to compare rates such as calling the companies directly and asking them what their rates are.

Companies such as Verde Energy USA Inc., which you can reach at 1-800-388-3862, will provide you with a rundown of what you will pay and you can compare that to your rate yourself.

Or just call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 and you can compare the rates of each and every company that supplies service to your address.

This way you get a complete comparison with one simple step.  Having the power to choose is as simple as a phone call away.

One thought on “Verde Energy USA Inc.: Another Name in the Electricity Supply Market

  1. Ryan M says:

    I’m here to write about the Terrible experience we had w/ Verde Energy. The minute our first 6 months were over they immediately jacked our rate up over 40%. No call, no email. When I call they put you off and tell you thats the market rate. I compared several companies locally for the same variable rates so I wan’t locked in long term…and they were almost half the price of Verde. Terrible Company. I would highly recommend you stay away. The rate moved from 9 centes to over 14 cents in 1 month!! Scam

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