Many people know by now that they have the power to choose who provides their electricity needs in Texas but that does not necessarily mean that they know of all the different companies supplying electricity.

CenterPoint is one of the energy providers on the long list of those supplying to much of Texas and one that should be compared to all of the others before a final decision regarding an energy provider is made.

To find out the best way to compare energy companies contact an Electric Rates representative.

  • The easiest way to compare various energy companies is with a comprehensive comparison chart like that offered by Electric Rates.
  • Energy rates can vary as much as 10 cents per kWh which is a lot of money considering how much electricity consumers use.
  • Customers can switch their energy provider without even having the hassle of switching the company they pay their bill to.

Even just a little bit of savings on electricity quickly adds up which is why it is important to know how much you are paying.  Electric Rates can tell you what your current rate is as well as other companies’ rates so that you can get a good idea as to where the best deal lies.

Use the Electric Rates comparison tool to get started on making the switch now so that you do not have to wait to save.

Call 1-800-97-4020 if you have any problems with the tool or if you would like to speak directly to an Electric Rates representative.

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