Many Texas, Ohio, and Connecticut Energy Consumers Switching Providers

by Michelle on January 10, 2011

Since the deregulation of the utility markets in the states of Texas, Ohio, and Connecticut many energy consumers have switched their energy providers to one of those competing against their local providers.

In many cases electricity consumers can save a significant amount of money by switching because the markets are so competitive now and because there are so many energy providers to choose from.

Find out more about switching to another electricity company in one of these states by calling 1-800-971-4020.

  • Nearly 24 percent of Ohio’s electricity consumers have switched to an alternative energy company.
  • In Connecticut more than 32 percent of electricity customers have switched from their local utility provider to a new company.
  • Texas has seen the largest jump in customers switching energy providers with 87 percent of Texas households already making the switch.

With so many energy consumers making the switch from one company to another it is obvious that switching can provide significant savings.

Now the only problem is finding out how much all of those other companies will charge you so that you know who is offering the lowest rate with the best plan.

Use the Electric Rates website comparison tool to get a quick estimate of the differences between the various rates in your area being offered.

For even more information on deregulation and saving money on energy call and speak with an Electric Rates representative trained in knowing exactly how to find the best electricity rate.

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