With the sale of electric cars taking place sometime this month energy companies in Texas and California are experiencing both optimism and fear regarding the increase in electricity use.

While the utility companies love the idea of taking a chunk out of the $325 billion dollar market they are not without worry regarding the increase in electricity supply that will come with it.

Numerous energy companies are able to offer Texas and California customers electricity services which is why consumers should compare rates and plans and seek out the best overall energy plan package, especially if they will be using a new to the market electric vehicle.

  • The 1950’s and 1960’s is the last time such a jump in energy use took place due to the invention of the air conditioner.
  • Until charging stations are mass constructed electric cars will only have limited mileage ability.
  • Electric cars can use the same amount of electricity as a house, although it would have to be a smaller house to compare.

While electric cars may reduce emissions that is not to say that the use of them does not come with its own problems.

Energy companies are syked to dip their hands in the profit pool but the strain on electricity supply is not something that electricity providers are looking forward to dealing with.

If you are in the market for an electric vehicle you need to find the lowest energy rate in your area now.

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