With emissions standards in California already being tough for energy companies to meet and probably becoming more and more strict in the future one California town has decided to utilize solar power energy.

Although the energy bills of Pasadena, California residents will be as much as 40 cents higher per month when the solar energy plan is first implemented it is thought that in the long run the solar produced electricity will be cheaper than that produced massively by current sources.

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  • Although Pasadena’s ultimate goal is to meet California emissions standards the town is also hoping to reduce electricity bills eventually.
  • The solar energy that will be used by Pasadena comes from a tower in Arizona that will have the capability to produce as much as 4.5 percent of Pasadena’s energy needs.
  • Almost 10,000 homes will be able to be powered by the solar energy tower.
  • Customers affected by the solar energy program will not have to worry about weather conditions affecting electricity supply as the tower will be designed to not be impacted by such things as cloud cover.

With all of the worrying about the environment taking place these days many states are setting higher emissions standards which greatly effects how electricity is produced and how much it costs for consumers.

Solar power is the most renewable energy resource and a great solution to emissions standards.

The problem is the initial start of such projects requires a lot of money to come from consumers even if it is only a small amount at a time.

Consumers should be alert as to how much they are being charged for electricity because it is possible to be paying too much.

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Deregulation of the utility market in California has resulted in more competitive prices for electricity so be sure to research and seek out the most competitive rate available.

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