The new year is bringing with it an uncertain future for electricity consumers throughout the country and that includes those in Texas.

While consumers of some Texas electricity companies are seeing increases in their rates others, such as those who have their services provided by Entergy, are going to end up paying less for their electricity supply in 2011.

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  • The decrease in rates will result in a minimum of $70 million dollars being returned to customers who paid too much for electricity in 2010 between the months of April and September.
  • The first savings will be seen in January in the form of a $12.07 one-time rate decrease.
  • The second decrease in rates will affect 400,000 Entergy customers in the state of Texas and will total another $51.5 million in the end.
  • Entergy serves 27 Texas counties, making it one of the larger energy companies in Texas.

Many electricity companies in Texas and throughout the rest of the country adjust rates depending on how much fuel is being purchased which results in unstable fuel costs and sometimes overpayment.

In this case Entergy customers will be getting back what they overpaid in the form of rate decreases which are likely welcomed by energy customers considering the high price of electricity these days.

If you are a Texas electricity consumer who wants to take control of your energy costs then you will be happy to know that it is a possibility this day in age.

With energy choice being an opportunity now taking charge of how much you pay for electricity is as simple as making a comparison between the many companies offering services.

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