Despite the fact that rates for some Texas electricity companies have not increased in two or even three decades increases could be in the near future for many electricity consumers.

Xcel Energy in Texas has already imposed an electricity rate increase back in 2009 and if all goes as they hope they will soon raise their electricity rates again.

The good news is that Texas energy consumers have the opportunity to choose whichever electricity company they want out of those that serve their residential or commercial service address.

You can compare the energy rates of those companies quite simply, just call 1-800-971-4020 and speak to an Electric Rates savings consultant.

  • Prior to the 2009 increase Xcel Energy customers did not see a rate increase for nearly three decades.
  • In order to raise its rates Xcel Energy will have to gain approval from a Texas state committee.
  • It was estimated by the City of Amarillo that the summer season increase will be approximately 17% if the increase is approved.
  • The winter season could bring consumers an increase of nearly 24% should the increase be allowed.

Many electricity companies are going before city boards and committees attempting to raise their electricity rates and although some are unable to get quite the hike they want many are allowed to raise rates to some degree.

Many consumers already feel that they pay too much for electricity but not so many realize that they have a choice in energy providers which could mean they have a choice in how much, or how little, they pay for their electricity.

In fact, there are numerous Texas electricity companies to choose from.

In order to find out how much you can save for your residential electricity needs use the Electric Rates online comparison tool or call a consultant if you are looking for commercial electricity.

Millions of energy consumers throughout the country have made the choice to choose and you can too and it is as simple as contacting electric rates and making an energy rate comparison for your area.

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