North Texans May See Lower Winter Electricity Bills

by Michelle on January 7, 2011

While many Texas residents are finding out that their energy rates may go up this winter energy consumers in North Texas are finding out that they may experience the exact opposite.  And to what do these fed up energy consumers owe this very welcome change to?  They owe it all to the wonderful process of supply and demand according to some energy experts.  Apparently the need for more and more electricity has spurred growth in the industry which is reportedly predicted to bring down costs for consumers.  Now all smart consumers have to do to really save some money on energy costs is compare the rates of different companies which is easy to do when you call Electric Rates.

  • Customers of Atmos Energy may see as much as a 15 percent drop in the rates that they pay for their natural gas supply.
  • The 15 percent decrease could result in monthly savings starting in February of approximately $17.
  • A significantly high amount of energy is available in North Texas which is partially responsible for the lower electricity rates.
  • The lower electricity rates are only predicted to last for a short time and rates may be on the rise again in 2012.

Any drop in electricity prices is a welcome thing, even if it is not expected to last for any length of time.  In this case warmer temperatures in North Texas has led to a limited need for heat which in turn produced lower energy rates.  This is the case for North Texas residents who have their electricity supplied by Atmos Energy so those who have energy supplied by other energy companies should compare current rates to those of Atmos to see if they have an opportunity to save.  Just because the rates of one company decrease does not necessarily mean that the rates of other companies will too.

Comparing Texas electricity company rates is simple if you call Electric Rates and have them help you make the comparison.

Call 1-800-971-4020 and speak to a comparison specialist in order to find out if you are paying too much for you electricity now and you may be able to start saving before you know it.

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