Reliant Energy Launches e-Sense Smart Energy Solution Program

by Michelle on January 17, 2011

Now that the energy market is open in Texas and many other states competition is much stronger and electricity companies are looking for new ways to draw in customers.

One way in which some companies are doing this is by providing their customers with new technology that helps them to keep track of their energy use.

Reliant Energy is one of these companies and has just recently introduced the e-Sense smart energy software that allows their customers to keep up to date on their energy usage.

Not all energy companies have started to use these types of technology so if monitoring your energy use is something that is important to you it is important to shop around for the right Texas energy company.

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  • In upwards of 175,000 Reliant Energy customers are already using technology similar to the e-Sense software.
  • With the e-Sense software customers can determine their energy use right down to the hour.
  • Customers who use e-Sense will be able to access a projected energy bill total based on the information the software tracks.
  • The e-Sense software can be utilized by than more than 2.4 million Texas energy consumers who are using smart meter technology.

Smart technology for energy consumers is the new trend and it can greatly save energy consumers money on their energy bills by giving them the opportunity to monitor their use.

Texas energy consumers can determine when they use the most electricity and try to find ways to reduce that use in order to ultimately reduce their energy costs.

Reliant is one of the few energy companies offering consumers this innovative technology so it is important to compare their rates to other company’s rates.

Call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 and you can speak with a comparison consultant in order to determine the best energy company in your Texas area.

Let Electric Rates help you sort through all of the energy choices available in order to utilize all of the technology there is available today.

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Jordan January 18, 2011 at 11:26 pm

Reliant Energy made their CES debut showcasing their Smart Meters, which will give consumers the ability to make real-time decisions about their electricity usage based on real-time information.

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