With electric vehicles beginning to come on the market Texas energy companies are racing to get their hands in the profits that will result from the need for charging stations throughout the state.

Houston in particular is likely to be the site of a large number of the electric vehicle charging stations and currently NRG Energy is the company installing the stations throughout the city.

And due to the fact that Texas electricity rates are considerably low driving in Texas, and particularly in Houston, may get just a little bit less expensive.

Texas is known for its competitive energy rates that have resulted from a deregulated utility market and in addition the state is a leader in renewable energy use, specifically that produced by wind.

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  • At current Texas electricity rates some electric vehicles will be able to travel approximately 100 miles on only $3.
  • Texas energy consumers will be able to get a tax credit on home electric vehicles chargers of about 30%.
  • Charges will be available at two different levels, one that will charge a vehicle in about 3 hours and one that will charge it in about a half an hour.
  • The first electric vehicle charger in Houston will be available for use on March 1st of this year.

After the initial introduction to electric vehicles their popularity will likely grow rather quickly.

Consumers interested in these vehicles will want their city and/or state to provide them with the means to be able to use this new technology so it is important for many chargers to be available to consumers.

In addition consumers are going to want to see low energy rates in order to keep costs down.

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