Texas Electric Company Raising Rates

by Michelle on February 6, 2011

Since 2011 rolled in Texas energy consumers have seen many Texas electricity companies raise their rates and now another company has been added to that list.  As of February 1st Denton Municipal Electric customer will pay somewhere around 4.6% more for their electricity than they are currently paying.  An increase for coal transportation costs inflicted on Denton’s parent company, Municipal Power Agency, is to blame for the electricity rate increase.  This just goes to show that many factors have the ability to affect electricity rates, which is why so many companies are having to raise their rates these days.  The fortunate thing for energy consumers is that they can choose from a number of companies serving their area and this is easy to do when you contact Electric Rates and make an energy company rate comparison.

  • The 4.6% increase will result in a monthly rate increase for residential electricity customers of about $4.
  • The last rate increase imposed by Denton Municipal Electric was in 2007.
  • Between 2007 and 2009 electricity rates for the company fell but the need for cost adjustments has led to the need for the increase in rates.
  • The Texas Municipal Power Agency is in the process of disputing the rate increase.

Many Texas power companies are increasing their rates in order to cover costs involving such things as infrastructure repairs, renewable energy research and implementation, and expansion but the rate increased being imposed by Denton Municipal Electric is rather large in comparison.  In addition the rate increase is being implemented not to cover costs of the actual electricity company but to cover costs imposed on the company for coal transportation.  The dispute going on between the parties involved has been ongoing for quite some time and it appears that, for now, the rate increase is here to stay.

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