Texas Energy Consumers Buying Stake in Power Plants

by Michelle on January 28, 2011

Many individuals likely dream of what it would be like to take control of their power companies but customers of one certain Texas utility company have actually done it., at least to some degree anyway.

Customers of LP&L Electric have purchased stake in not one but two power plants within the last two weeks.

The first plant, a gas powered electric plant, was purchased back in December and the most recent one earlier this month.

It is not clear what the benefits are in owning stake in such a company but chances are it can’t hurt.  Texas energy consumers have the option of choosing which electricity provider supplies their home or business but not many have the option of owning their electricity company.  Make a call to Electric Rates and you can find out what kind of rates and other incentives are being offered by area electricity companies in your area.

  • The first electric plant purchased back in December cost a total of $185 million.
  • The second power plant, significantly more expensive than the first, was priced at $335 million.
  • Both of the power plants that are now co-owned by LP&L Electric customers are located in Odessa, Texas.
  • Both of the Odessa power plants are being purchased with municipal bonds which give customers stake in the power plants.

LP&L serves many Texas energy consumers and this is a great option for their customers to enjoy.  If you live in the company’s service area you may want to find out what their electricity rates are and compare that to other incentives offered by the company.  Incentives being offered to electricity customers cover a wide range these days so it is important to shop around.

Call and speak to a consultant at Electric Rates and they will even do the comparison for you.  Without doing any work other than making a phone call you can find out if you are paying too much for your electricity supply.

Call 1-800-971-4020 and save yourself from being left in the dark when it comes to electricity and electricity rates.

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