Is VSI and PECO Energy a scam???

NO! let me say that again: NO! PECO and VSI Meter Services (VSI) have been working since September 2010 to install 600,000 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) electric meters.

PECO has been working on making the electric meters part of their company.

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PECO works with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to insure customers that they get what they pay for.

They filed the new meter technology with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission on August 14, 2009.

Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy announced a $200 million award for PECO on October 2009.

PECO install 200 meters with this technology in November 2010 in Chester county Pennsylvania.

I read on about a worried customer.

Someone came to their house claiming to work for PECO and needed to install a new battery on their gas meter.

They were worried because VSI was the name of the company trying to install the new battery.

You can rest assured that VSI is working with PECO to install these new batteries.

If you are concerned that something about your electric bill is a scam,  you can always contact the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission.

If you feel that your bill is too high, you can compare our rates right here. Just type in your zip and click compare.

If you live in Philadelphia, Allentown or anywhere in Pennsylvania you are not getting to compare Electric Rates because of Pennsylvania Electricity Deregulation.

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