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by admin on February 8, 2011

Compare Houston electric rates to save money on your home or business electric bill.

Texas has been deregulated for about 10 years now, but you may still be paying to much for electricity.

There are many electric companies that serve the Houston area.

Call 1-800-971-4020 To Save Money

You will find the lowest price at the top of the compare chart when you compare Houston electric rates.

No mater where you live in Texas you can always do things to save money.

  • Turn you lights off when you leave the house or business.
  • Use your higher costing appliances at night so you do not have to pay peak rates.
  • Unplug power cords for laptops and cell phone when not using them.
  • Install solar power outdoor lights.

These are just a couple of thing you can do to save money on your Houston electric rates.

There are many reasons why you should compare Houston electric rates.

  • It can save you money.
  • It is easy.
  • You can view a no obligation comparison chart for you home or business.
  • It does not hurt (unless you have been paying too much for years.)

Compare Houston electric rates by typing in your zip code in the compare box and clicking compare.

Older electric companies like TXU and Reliant have been dominating the energy market in Texas for years.

New electric providers like Bounce Energy and others providers offer lower rates than many of the bigger electric companies.

Texas is seeing the benefits of being a deregulated state.

Shop and save on your electricity rates right here.

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