Before I write this post let me just say that…

MXEnergy is not a scam…

from what I can tell. I have read several different articles about the MXEnergy Scam and they all are about the same. A former customer is disappointed that he started paying more on his electric bill than he originally thought he would. There are lots of other electric companies with the same kind of complaints about variable rates going up after the first month.

I always tell costumers to sign up with a fixed electric rate so they don’t get shocked when they see their electric bill and it is twice as high. The energy market is like every market: it goes up and down. With variable rates every energy company looks like a electricity scam, even the MXEnergy scam looks legit.

We do not work with MXEnergy nor sell electricity through them at this time. You can get MXEnergy contact information on its website to save money on your electric bill.

We can offer you electricity prices from other top electric companies in your area through our comparison box to the right. All you have to do is type in your zip code into the compare box, then click compare to see the latest electricity prices. If you are looking for electricity for your business, be sure to select commercial then click compare. Residential customers will see a list of electricity rates and electric companies available in their areas.

Electricity Scams, like every scam, should be taken with a grain of salt before jumping to any kind of a conclusion. One way to check to see if it is real or not is to see who is saying MX Energy is a scam.

I came across an article on about the MXEnergy Scam and it was written by a former employee. I’m not saying the former employee does not have a right to his opinion, but as a former employee you could get carried away. Beside anyone on the web can claim what ever they want without ever getting challenged about it.

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Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson has been writing about deregulated energy markets since early 2010. His knowledge has helped consumers lower their electricity cost. Connect with Luke on Google+.

3 thoughts on “MXEnergy Scam | Electricity Scams

  1. PISSED OFF says:

    I would have to beg to differ about this company “not being a scam”. Our monthly bill just SKYROCKETED to nearly $700 this month by this sham of a company! That is criminally insane! Have we been using more gas and electric? No – actually we’ve cut back!
    There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER for them to charge this much! Their business needs to be brought down!

  2. jackie says:

    I just had a call from them and looked it up as we were talking. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Robert Sampson says:

    MX ENERGY did go through a tough time recently and their BBB ranking suffered as a result. They were bought out by Constellation Energy in 2011 and have since shifted efforts to improve customer service and quality of service. Check out or visit the main website for more information.

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