While many energy companies are increasing revenue by raising their rates one Dallas, Texas company is actually seeing a drop in revenue due to a decline in the amount of electricity the company sold in their fourth quarter.

Energy Future Holdings has reported losing customers in 2010 and executives are predicting that the trend will continue in 2011.  According to the chief executive the company will be starting the 2011 year out being somewhat in the hole but the company is still being optimistic.

Dallas Energy Company Comparison

An increase in wholesale electricity prices could help the company turn their finances around as could any extreme weather events.  Energy consumers who have their electricity provided by another Dallas company should compare their rates to Energy Future Holdings by contacting Electric Rates in order to determine if savings may be available.

  • Energy Future Holdings us currently struggling to pay off approximately $35 billion in debt.
  • The fourth-quarter revenues of the company dropped to $1.6 billion, a 33% revenue decrease.
  • TXU Energy is one of the company’s retail energy units and they also reported a loss in customers.
  • According to reports the competition for the company is up 70 percent since last year.

Energy Future Holdings may be losing customers and ultimately revenue as well but that is not to say that the company is out of business yet.  In fact, Energy Future Holdings serves a large number of energy consumers throughout the Dallas area and in surrounding cities such as Grand Prairie, Richardson, and Desoto.  Oncor is another retail unit owned by the company and many consumers have likely heard of it as well as TXU Energy.  Comparing the rates of these and other companies could lead to significant savings due to the Texas deregulated utility market.

Contacting Electric Rates and making a multiple comparison is fast and easy.  Rates can vary considerably from one company to the next so comparing is not something that will be a waste of time.

Call 1-800-971-4020 and speak to an Electric Rates consultant to get help making your comparison.  A quick phone call could significantly lower your electricity bill.

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