Customers of Austin Energy have reportedly been experiencing a rather large number of blackouts recently and some say that is affecting their businesses.  There are a number of energy providers in the area but Austin and some surrounding cities such as Georgetown, Cedar Park, Kyle, and Marble Falls still have regulated energy markets.  One Austin businesses owner has said that keeping his business running with rolling blackouts has been somewhat difficult, particularly in the case of the most recent blackout at which time the temperature dipped significantly.  Some customers, such as the referred to business owner, are experiencing repeated incidences of blackouts while others may only experience one or two.  Customers affected by these blackouts should look into alternative electricity companies in order to determine if there are other options regarding their choice of energy providers by calling Electric Rates.

  • Customers across the state of Texas were experiencing electricity blackouts including customers of Pedernales and Oncor.
  • Some Austin Energy customers were experiencing blackouts as often is every hour to hour and a half.
  • According to information provided the blackouts were mandatory and ordered by ERCOT.
  • Some businesses found themselves having to shut down for a day during the blackouts.

Even though Austin does not have a deregulated utility market there may be other choices for Austin, Texas energy consumers.  Regardless of your energy company though blackouts are sometimes necessary in order for certain repairs and tests to be conducted.  If you wish to learn more about rolling blackouts you should contact your local energy provider or utility company.  In many cases these blackouts are scheduled in advance and it may help to know when you will experience them so that you can plan your business and social activities around them.  And in addition you may want to find out which energy companies have upcoming blackouts scheduled in case you decide to switch energy providers.

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