The Plano, Texas utility market is not unlike that of the rest of Texas in that in recent years the market has become deregulated and that means the energy consumer has more choices than they did once before.  More choices almost always results in more competition as is the case with the utility market in Texas and competition means savings for the smart consumer who does their research.  Before deregulation Plano residents and residents of surrounding cities such as Sharon, Wiley, and Richardson only had the option of having their electricity provided by TXU Energy but these days there are numerous companies to choose from which include Sherman and Denison, just to name a couple.  Consumers who want to pay the lowest price for electricity should start their search by calling Electric Rates and comparing the rates of multiple energy companies.

  • There are at least 16 electricity companies to choose from in the Plano, Texas area.
  • Most of the companies serving the Plano area offer a variety of rate plans as well as types of energy.
  • Energy consumers can often switch their electricity company without even having to pay a fee or deposit.
  • Rates can vary considerably from one energy company to the next so TXU customers in Plano can likely find a better rate.

Residents of the Plano area have a great opportunity to determine the rate that they pay for electricity as well as the level of customer service and reliability that they expect.  Deregulation has its critics that claim it increases electricity rates and it has its supporters that point to the increase in competition but one thing that is for sure is that deregulation gives consumers choices.  This is something we can all appreciate and should all take advantage of.

You really do not even have to know much about deregulation or how to make a good comparison at all, just let Electric Rates make the comparison for you.

All you have to do to compare electricity rates today is call 1-800-971-4020 and speak to an Electric Rates consultant.


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