I’m always looking for the next scam in the energy market. When I found the Ambit Energy scam I was disappointed. I usually find out that a former employee is mad, so he/she came up with a way to convince others that his/her former employer is scamming its customers. That is not the case this time.

Again, Ambit Energy is not a scam.

Electric Rates does not sell electricity through Ambit Energy. Go to Ambit Energy’s company website to see its rates and plans for your area.

Let me say it again, it is not a scam! It is part of an MLM. An MLM is like a pyramid scheme; the people at the top get richer as the people at the bottom work their way up. Isn’t that how every company is?

I don’t know if you understand exactly what an MLM is. I know I didn’t, so allow me to give some an example. If I was in an MLM, I would try to get about three people under me and allow them to have three people under them. This way, I’d have a total of 12 people under me. The more people that work under me, the more money I get paid.

There are several MLMs out there like Mary Kay, Amway and many others that are successful.

Most people don’t want to join an MLM, like the so called “Ambit Energy Scam“, because it is a lot of work to get three people under you. I’m not saying you can’t make money because like every job, it take a lots of work. Most people feel they are getting scammed from MLMs when a family member talks them into joining up with a promise that they can be successful.

The MXEnergy Scam was about a former employee that did not understand the variable rate plan. The Energy Plus Scam was about a customer getting mad because his/her variable rate plan changed after the first month. This scam is not like these scams.


When I said earlier that I was disappointed, I should have said  I was relieved that it wasn’t about someone misunderstanding what a variable rate plan is. Something interesting I found out about Ambit Energy is they are one of the fastest growing companies in the US. Does that mean that they are the best electric company? No! There are many things other than growth that make a good energy company.

Ambit Energy Scam Video

In conclusion, please know that if you want to sign up with Ambit Energy you do not have to through its MLM program.

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