A merger between Allegheny Energy Corp. and FirstEnergy Corp. that will affect nearly half of Pennsylvania’s electricity consumers was recently approved by the Public Utility Commission.  The merger, which will affect approximately 2 million Pennsylvania customers, will not however affect those customers that live in the Scranton area.  The 1.4 billion energy consumers living in the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton areas will continue to have their electricity provided by PPL but those consumers living in much of the western and central portions of the states will be covered by the merging companies.  Consumers who are unsure if they live in a deregulated part of Pennsylvania should call Electric Rates to find out and make a comparison if there is the option to choose another energy company.

  • There are approximately 5.5 million electricity consumers throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
  • A total of 6.1 million consumers in seven different states will be affected by the merger between FirstEnergy and Allegheny.
  • Ten individual utility companies will be operating under the merged conglomerate including West Penn Power Co., Pennsylvania Electric, Pennsylvania Power, and Metropolitan Edison.
  • Headquarters for the company will remain in Greensburg where the Allegheny headquarters is located.

The merger between Allegheny and FirstEnergy is affecting many people as far as who provides their energy goes but there really is no information regarding any plans to increase or decrease electricity rates.  Some parts of Pennsylvania are in unregulated utility markets so some consumers have the right to choose between a number of electricity companies.  Sometimes doing this can result in lower rates but in order to know if there is a lower rate out there that is available to you in the area you live you will have to do a rate comparison.

Electric Rates can help you make an energy company comparison if you call them at 1-800-971-4020 and tell them where you live and what type of plan you are looking for.

Deregulation is meant to give consumer the power to choose but you can’t make a decision until you call Electric Rates and have them help you find out what is out there.


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