As of December all of the rate caps for Pennsylvania electricity companies have been lifted and now customers in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Lemoyne, and Camp Hill may want to shop around for cheaper electricity.  The utility market has been deregulated since 1996 but because there was worry about such things as price gouging, and fluctuations in the market there was a cap put on the amount that companies could charge as a rate to their customers.  Whereas that rate was enforced as a way to protect energy consumers now companies have the opportunity to increase their rates more than they have in 15 years.  Now is the time for energy consumers in Harrisburg and surrounding areas to call Electric Rates and compare the rates of the many different energy companies serving the area.

  • Before the utility market was deregulated Pennsylvania energy consumers were paying around 15% for their electricity.
  • The Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act which was signed in 1996 was meant to allow for both better service and more competitive rates.
  • Caps in all eleven distribution territories in Pennsylvania were lifted by December of 2010.
  • PPL’s electricity rates are expected to increase around 29.7% due to inflation.

Many energy companies will likely be increasing their rates now that the rate cap has been lifted because they likely have not been able to adjust properly for inflation over the last 15 years due to the rate cap.  This means that a lot of Pennsylvania residents could end up paying more for their energy costs than they have in a long time which is something nobody needs during these hard times.  Not much can be done about these companies raising their rates though because they obviously need to make money too.

What can be done though is an electricity company comparison if you call Electric Rates and have them help you.  This way you will be able to choose the lowest rate in your area that is available to you.

A quick call to Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 and you can see what can be done about paying less for your energy usage.


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