In 2008 a goal west set to have California energy companies produce a certain amount of renewable energy by 2020 but the most recent goal for 2010 was missed by a company that supplies electricity to Sacramento and other California cities.  The goal was for companies to produce 20 percent of their energy from renewable sources but California’s PG&E fell slightly short of that number.

The next goal is for electricity providers to produce 33 percent of their energy supply from renewable sources but this company is already behind in meeting their goal.  Penalties have not been given to PG&E or any other companies that fell short of the goal but the companies will be required to make up for the amount that they fell short within three years from the end of 2010.  PG&E is only one of the electricity companies serving Sacramento and surrounding cities, including West Sacramento, Fair Oaks, and Auburn, so anyone paying for electricity in those areas should call Electric Rates and compare the available providers.

  • While the goal was 20 percent PG&E only produced 17.7 percent of their energy with renewable sources.
  • Southern California Edison also fell short of the 20 percent goals by only producing 19.4 percent of their energy supply with renewable sources.
  • San Diego Gas & Electric fell even more short of the goal as they only produced 11.9 percent of their energy with the use of renewable sources.
  • In the next three years these companies will have to go above the goal by the amount that they fell short.

PG&E obviously was not the only company to fall short but they did fall significantly short which means they have some making up to do in the next three years.  It will be interesting to see which renewable sources are utilized most.

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