Deregulation occurred quite some time ago in Chicago but electricity consumers have only recently had the option of choosing Energy Plus to supply their electricity.

As of February 17th consumers in Chicago and surrounding cities such as Lincolnwood, Stone Park, and Westmont have been able to choose the company over others that serve the area such as Commonwealth Edison Company.  One benefit customers of Energy Plus will have available to them is the opportunity to earn rewards for having the company supply their electricity.  Before making a switch though it is important to weigh all factors including a specific company’s rates.  Energy Plus rates can be compared to others simply by calling Electric Rates and speaking to a representative who will help you determine the best rate in your Chicago, Illinois area.

  • Energy Plus is currently serving more than 150,000 energy customers and is now available to millions of customers that may have been currently supplied by Commonwealth Edison.
  • Possible rewards that can be earned by Energy Plus customers include both United and American Airlines airline miles.
  • Currently Energy Plus’s rate is in the range of approximately 10 percent lower than that of Commonwealth Edison.
  • Energy Plus operates in and supplies electricity to customers in seven different states across the country.

Energy Plus is already a rather large company that operates in a number of states.  If their rates are as low as reports claim then the company, which also provides rewards opportunities, is really an excellent value for its customers.  The company was only founded in 2007 but is growing very quickly in the states where it operates.  Interested consumers may want to contact Energy Plus in order to inquire about additional rewards and benefits available to its customers.

Comparing Energy Plus rates with the rates of other companies is simple when you call Electric Rates and do a rate comparison.

Electric Rates consultants can be reached by dialing 1-800-971-4020 and it does not take long to complete your comparison and determine the best electricity company for you.

Read about the so called “Energy Plus Scam” before signing up.

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