MXenergy is now serving Chicago, IL.

Electric Rates does not sell electricity or gas through MXenergy. To compare MXenergy electric rates to companies’ rates on, visit MXenergy’s website.

As a competitive supplier of natural gas and electricity in the state of Illinois, MXenergy has requested marketers to adopt a “Customer Bill of Rights.”

The idea of a “Customer Bill of Rights” is to help consumers know exactly what you are buying.

Many electric companies may use high pressure tactics to get you to switch your electric provider.

Shady sales tactics can cause you to misunderstand what you are signing up with, hence the need for the “Customer Bill of Rights”.

MXenergy is among several energy suppliers in the NICOR utility areas. MXenergy offers several competitive rates for Chicago, IL as well as other cities in the state.

The “Customer Bill of Rights” would include  following:

  • Your right to know the price without hidden fee
  • Your right to talk to a real person when calling a service number
  • Your right to receive a copy of a contract in large readable type
  • Your right to a phone number to ask questions about the bills.

When deciding to compare electric rates, make sure you get all the facts.

The so called “MXenergy Scam” is not real. If you are worried that your current electricity provider is scamming you, please contact the Public Utility Commission (PUC).

To compare other electric companies for your business in Chicago, IL call 1-800-971-4020.

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