Energy rate increases are not an uncommon thing to see these days and CenterPoint customers in Houston, Texas will soon be able to attest to that fact.

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Texas will allow the company to raise electricity rates for customers in the Texas city and the increase could reach approximately $3 extra per month.  Customers of many other Texas electricity companies have also experienced rate increases which has resulted in a major trend of switching energy companies now that the market is deregulated.

CenterPoint customers that are worried about paying too much for energy costs should start comparing rates now by contacting a company such as Electric Rates.

  • The money being collected by CenterPoint Energy is for investments made by the company prior to the deregulation of the utility market.
  • The approximately $3 extra per month that the company will be collecting will continue for the next 15 years.
  • This is the second time that CenterPoint has been able to raise rates to collect money for pre-1999 investments.
  • Last time CenterPoint rates increased it was by approximately $5.10 per month, which totaled $2.4 billion on top of interest.

Even though many energy companies in many Texas cities are raising energy rates few are doing so for this particular reason.  With this being the second rate increase since 2004 there is no telling how many more increases are yet to come.  Everything is rising in cost these days and rising energy costs are making it even more difficult for many individuals to keep up.  Fortunately there is the option to compare energy rates and choose any company so savings can be found by those who look.

Looking for lower energy rates is simple these days too because you not only have the internet but you also have savings consultants such as those at Electric Rates that you can enlist the help of as well.

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