Energy Plus on List of Best Places to Work in Philadelphia

by Michelle on April 2, 2011

Usually when an energy company’s name pops up it is in relation to rate increases, mergers, or infrastructure updates but Energy Plus was recently in the news because the company ended up on the list of best places to work in Philadelphia.

This should not come as a surprise considering the company is growing so quickly and employs so many people in the Philadelphia area.  Energy Plus is only one of the many utility companies that Pennsylvania residents have to choose from since the state has a deregulated utility market.

Individuals who wish to compare Energy Plus rates to other energy company rates can do so by calling 1-800-971-4020 and speaking to an Electric Rates representative.

Electric Rates does not sell electricity through Energy Plus at this time. To see Energy Plus‘ rates go to its website.

  • Energy Plus currently serves in upwards of 150,000 energy consumers spread across a total of seven different states, including Pennsylvania.
  • The company was founded only back in 2007 and has already grown significantly fast.
  • Energy Plus is the employer of 140 people that are spread out between the different offices.
  • Customers of Energy Plus are able to enroll in an awards program that is ongoing, something customers of other companies cannot say.

Energy Plus may have been named one of the best places to work in 2011 but they are a pretty good company for consumers as well.  No other companies continuously reward their customers as Energy Plus does but it is important to make sure that the rewards are worth it in the end based on the rates that you pay for your electricity.  It does not make much sense to earn rewards only to lose money by paying too much for energy in the end.

It is important that you compare multiple energy companies to Energy Plus in order to find the best deal overall for you.  Call and speak to an Electric Rates representative and they will help you compare electricity rates so that you can be sure you are not trading one good deal for a bad one.

Electric Rates has helped many people find lower energy rates and they can help you too but you have to call them before they do.

To read about the so called “Energy Plus Scam” follow the link.


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