The intention of PG&E to install electric meters on homes in the California county of Monterey has got many energy customers pretty upset.  PG&E customers recently sounded off against installing the meters but the company still intends to go ahead with its plans.  Some meters have already been installed as the project began in September of last year but the company has plans to install even more of these meters.  There are a number of concerns that customers have with the electric smart meters so individuals who are worried about the effects of the meters should compare PG&E energy rates and think about switching electricity companies.  Comparing rates will be easy when you contact Electric Rates and let them help you make the comparison.

  • The biggest concern for California residents regarding the electric meters is the screeching sound that they have the tendency to make.
  • Proponents for the meters claim that using them will allow PG&E to distribute customers’ electricity more efficiently.
  • PG&E customers in Monterey County have cited health problems as one of their main concerns.
  • San Francisco residents are already forming petitions to attempt to halt the installation of the smart meters in the city and county.

Surely most people have an interest in doing what is best for the environment when it comes to energy but the health of those people has to be considered in cases like these as well.  There is likely little risk with the new smart meters but as with anything new people want information.  PG&E is giving many opportunities to learn more about smart grid technology and they are giving customers the opportunity to speak their concerns.  Customers of the company should do what they can to learn more about the smart meters that may be installed on their homes.

Customers who prefer to obtain their electricity from another company should call Electric Rates to compare energy rates before making a switch.

Since the market is no longer regulated energy consumers have choices and when you call Electric Rates they can help you make that choice.


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