Much of Illinois, including a large portion of the Chicago area, is provided with electricity by Common Wealth Edison but a number of other electricity companies are looking to break into that very same market.  In upwards of 3.7 million customers are currently serviced by ComEd and have been for over 100 years but now that the utility market is deregulated this number could surely change in the near future.

Other energy companies have already begun their campaigns aimed to draw in some of those ComEd customers.  Energy consumers currently being provided by Common Wealth Edison should compare their rates with those of the other companies by calling and speaking with a representative at Electric Rates.

  • Common Wealth Edison currently draws in approximately $15 billion a year in revenue from their customers.
  • The other companies trying to break into the ComEd market include Constellation NewEnergy, Champion Energy, Spark Energy, BlueStar Energy Solutions, and Direct Energy Services.
  • To date more than 2 million letters have been sent by Constellation NewEnergy to customers of Common Wealth Edison.
  • Constellation NewEnergy’s rate is currently around 7.7 cents per kWh compared to the current ComEd rate which is 8.3 cents per kWh.

ComEd has long been the largest provider of electricity in the Chicago, Illinois area but deregulation makes it possible for their customers to shop around now.  With so many companies looking to get their foot in the market there is likely to be some pretty stiff competition in the electricity industry in the area.  Already one of the competing companies is offering a lower rate than that of ComEd and if that is any indication as to how other companies plan to compete it will definitely be a good thing for energy consumers.

Consumers who wish to find out if some of the other companies planning to compete with ComEd have lower rates as well can make a comparison by contacting Electric Rates.

Simply make the call to 1-800-971-4020 and speak to someone who can help you to determine where to go for the cheapest electricity rates.


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