Many California residents are enjoying what they feel are the benefits of smart meter technology but that is not to say that there are not energy consumers who refuse to use the new technology.  In fact there are a large number of PG&E customers who are doing exactly that and the company could lose money as a result.

Those individuals that are against the use of the smart meters have been voicing their concerns for some time now and finally their efforts have paid off but they will be paying for getting what they want.  PG&E customers could avoid having to use the smart meters, or having to pay not to use them, by choosing a different energy company but first they have to call Electric Rates in order to compare electricity companies.

  • PG&E has been installing smart meters since 2006 and is still in the process of installing them today.
  • Customers who make the decision to opt out of using the smart meters will be charged approximately $600 in various fees.
  • PG&E is expecting 150,000 of their customers to opt out of using the smart meter technology.
  • Although 150,000 is a large number it is only a small portion of the 5.1 million customers that the company serves.

Deciding not to use the PG&E smart meter technology is a costly decision but some individuals strongly believe that there are health risks associated with the technology.  Although these claims have yet to be supported there are still 150,000 customers who will decide to opt out.  With each of those customers being charged $600 in fees PG&E will be dealing with a decent size amount of cash.  There is no mention though of how much it will cost PG&E to disable the meters.

Customers of any California electricity company should compare their rates with others because the state is deregulated and customers can switch companies.  Call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to make this comparison.

There are numerous electric companies to choose from and when you call Electric Rates you will have a better idea as to who is offering the best deal.


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