With many states these days requiring energy companies to generate at least a portion of their energy from renewable sources Austin Energy has begun shopping around for green energy.  The company recently sought proposals from companies able to generate electricity from both wind and sun and received many bids for the project.

Austin Energy provides electricity for a large number of energy consumers in and around Austin, Texas.  Energy consumers who have their electricity provided by Austin Energy do not necessarily have to as the utility market in the state is deregulated so customers can call Electric Rates to compare rates and then switch if they find a cheaper company.

  • Austin Energy’s request for proposals was for companies to bid on supplying the energy provider with 200 megawatts of electricity.
  • Approximately 60,000 homes can be provided with electricity with 200 megawatts of energy.
  • The bidding period for proposals ended on March 4th and Austin Energy is planning to review the proposals for approximately one month before making a final decision.
  • During the bidding period Austin Energy received proposals from 35 different companies and the final count of bids received totaled 100.

Austin Energy received a large number of bids from companies with the ability to provide the company with renewable energy generated electricity.  This gives the company many bids to choose from but there is not yet information on how fair those bids that the company received are.  With the large number of homes that can be powered with 200 megawatts of electricity Austin Energy and the companies making the bids are likely dealing with a large amount of cash.  It is unclear as to how Austin Energy customers will be affected by the purchasing of the wind or solar generated electricity which is why it is important to compare energy company rates soon.

Call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 and they can help you make the comparison between your current company and others.

Although customers’ rates may not be effected after the Austin Energy renewable power is purchased it is important to know in advance what you are dealing with and when you call Electric Rates you will.


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