The recent San Francisco natural gas explosion has spurred somewhat of an investigation into Pacific Gas & Electric and other electricity company’s records in order to determine if missing records are responsible for the incident.  Nine people were killed during the San Francisco blast which is likely why California regulators are urgently trying to find out what was responsible for the blast.  Employees of Pacific Gas & Electric are currently in the process of trying to locate records that may shed light on the situation.  Energy consumers in California are able to switch electricity providers should they feel they want to and they compare rates before switching by calling Electric Rates and speaking to a representative.

  • In addition to eight people being killed in the natural gas explosion in San Francisco three dozen homes were destroyed as well.
  • The blast took place on September 9, 2011 but regulators are still in the process of trying to figure out exactly what happened.
  • Employees of Pacific Gas & Electric have moved records to a concert venue where they are currently searching for certain safety documents.
  • PG&E is being accused by regulators of misplacing the records and if not found numerous not so expensive tests could be required by the company.

Natural gas explosions such as the one in San Francisco back in September do not occur often but it is important that when they do the cause and the responsible party are determined in order to attempt to avoid future incidents.  Although Pacific Gas & Electric has been ordered to search their records for misplaced documents there are currently no fingers being pointed at them as far as responsibility goes at this point.  It is unclear as to how much time the company has to produce the requested documents.

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