Pennsylvania energy consumers have plenty of choices in companies that can provide them with electricity thanks to deregulation of the utilities market and now they have one more choice to add to that list.  Ambit Energy will also now be servicing various parts of the state that are served by a number of other electricity companies as well and rumor has it that there may be some additional savings to be offered by the company.  Consumers in both the Philadelphia and the Scranton areas will have the choice of having Ambit provide their services and a total of three million customers in all will have the choice.  Electricity consumers who are interested in switching energy companies should compare rates before doing so by calling Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020.

  • Other electricity companies that serve the area that Ambit will now also serve include Pennsylvania Electric Company (PECO) and PPL Electric Utilities.
  • Ambit Energy guarantees savings for electricity customers who switch for at least the first two months of their new service.
  • Savings for electricity customers are the result of the company buying energy at wholesale prices before selling it back to energy consumers.
  • Ambit Energy will also be offering their customers free incentives and periodic savings throughout each year.

There may be plenty of electricity companies to choose from now for both Scranton and Philadelphia area energy consumers but that doesn’t mean that a company just beginning to offer service in the areas isn’t worth checking out.  Energy rates vary greatly from one company to the next which is why it is so important to compare the rates of all of your local energy providers.  It is also important to compare more than just rates because some electricity companies offer better overall incentives than others as well.

Contact Electric Rates or visit the Electric Rates website to find out more about comparing energy company rates and what it can do for you.

Electric Rates can help you to determine which companies offer the best savings, the best plans, and most of all the best incentives, which is information any of us can use.


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