Each electricity supplier in Pennsylvania will offer different types of electricity plans to its customers. It is important that you pay close attention to what you sign up for.

The two standard types of electricity plans offered by electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania are the ‘fixed rate’ and’ variable rate.’

The 12 month fixed electricity plans offer you stability in an uneasy economy while the variable rate plans give you flexibility to change your provider without breaking your contract.

Warning: Variable rate plans tend to increase after the first month.

Using Electric Rates’ reverse auction process for your business can get Pennsylvania electricity suppliers to put n bids for various electricity plans in hopes to gain your business. As electricity suppliers in PA compete for your business, the rates go down.

Electricity providers use your historical or estimated electricity usage to figure your rates. Electric Rates facilitates the energy prices down when the rates come in from multiple Pennsylvania electricity suppliers.

A Pennsylvania energy consultant will create a detailed electricity provider comparison. You will receive a ‘no obligation energy proposal.’ You can compare PA energy suppliers’ rate plans for your industrial or commercial needs then choose the company that that best fits them.

Electric Rates has energy consultants with years of experience. Get your questions answered and the right electricity company for you.

Pennsylvania Power Utility List

Here is a list of companies providing transmission and generation services. Not all the companies listed offer electricity services to sale.

  • PECO
  • PPL
  • UGI
  • Met-Ed
  • Allegheny Energy
  • Citizens Power Company
  • Duquesne Electric Company
  • Penelec Light
  • Penn Power
  • Pike County Power and Light
  • Wellsboro Electricity

Deregulation allows you to choose from several different energy companies in your area. You can compare electricity prices to those of the old monopoly electric utility companies in PA.

The different utility areas have different energy companies you can choose from. You will find companies that offer residential or companies that focus on industrial and commercial energy accounts. There are companies that do both residential and commercial electricity. See the different utility areas on our Pennsylvania electricity page.


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