New Jersey Electric Rates

by admin on April 20, 2011

Electric Rates in NJDeregulation has become part of New Jersey’s economy but do you know what it is? New Jersey Electric Rates have been affected by it.

Electricity deregulation in New Jersey allows electric companies to buy electricity from the power generation companies to sell to you at a competitive price. This process can provide you a lower electric rate for your business.

Basic Overview

What is the difference between an electric company and an energy supplier?

Electric companies in New Jersey buy the electricity and energy suppliers own the poles, meters and wires to get the electricity to your home.

What is a Power Generation Company?

The Power Generation Companies own the power plants. They generate electricity based on how much you may use not how much you use. If you use no electricity for this month the Power Generation Company will still produce the same amount of electricity.

Is deregulation better than regulation?

Regulation does not offer you a choice on who you buy electricity from. The Public Utility Commission of New Jersey would regulate New Jersey electric rates if it was not for deregulation. To get a lower electric rate the PUC would have to set it lower. With derogation the electric companies have to compete for your business resulting in lower electric rates.

How do I switch my company’s electric provider?

You can call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to talk to a New Jersey energy consultant. You will get an energy proposal with energy companies competing for your business. Electric Rates facilitates the rates down in the process so you can have a no obligations proposal.

If you don’t have time to make a phone call, select “commercial” in the compare box to the right then type in your zip code and click “compare.” You will fill out some info to get the process started, Electric Rates will contact energy companies for bids.

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