Dallas Electricity Supplier to Provide Energy to New Jersey Electric Company

by Michelle on April 22, 2011

For more than a decade New Jersey has been a deregulated utility state and energy consumers’ options are continuing to grow with the most recent additional option being a Dallas based electricity supplier.  Clearview Electric Inc. now has a license to both generate and distribute electricity to New Jersey energy consumers who normally have their services provided by one of three other companies.  Because of deregulation New Jersey consumers have the choice to have their service provided by any of the companies distributing electricity in the New Jersey area.  Due to the varying rates between companies comparing rates is important and easy when you let a representative from Electric Rates do the comparing for you.

  • The other companies offering electricity services to New Jersey consumers include Public Service Electric Gas Company, Jersey Central Power and Light, and Atlantic City Electric.
  • Clearview Electric Inc. is based in Dallas, Texas but provides energy for consumers in the states of New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, and now New Jersey.
  • In order for Clearview to be able to sell electricity to New Jersey consumers the company had to be certified by the State of New Jersey Commission.
  • Deregulation allows energy consumers to choose which company actually supplies their electricity while another company is responsible for generating the electricity.

New Jersey energy consumers already had a few choices when it comes to electricity suppliers and now this new addition means even more choices.  More choices leads to more competition and in the end consumers often end up with a better deal if they compare energy rates from the various companies that can serve them.  At a time when energy costs are on the rise it is important to find the best possible deal available and the only way that can be done is by comparing rates.

Call Electric Rates to compare rates quickly and easily by dialing 1-800-971-4020 and speaking to a representative.

Comparing electricity rates may have once been a tedious job but it doesn’t have to be that way and it won’t be if you let Electric Rates compare for you.


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