Recently is has been announced that Dallas Texas will be getting electric car chargers by sometime next year.  This is in response to the electric cars that are going to be unleashed and sent to the area.  The chargers will be installed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in the Houston area as well.  NRG Energy Inc. will be performing the electric car charger installations, a company that powers much of the state of Texas.  Because Dallas and Houston are deregulated utility areas though energy consumers are not limited to having their services provided by NRG as there are numerous electricity companies to choose from.  Electric Rates can help you compare the rates of those companies and help you to find the best deal available.

  • There will be 70 charging stations for electric vehicles installed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and 50 installed in the Houston area.
  • The electric vehicle charging stations are planned to be installed by the end of 2012.
  • There are also additional plans for installing charging stations next year, these ones along Interstate 45.
  • The charging stations will have two different types of chargers, a 480-volt that can add 30 miles in 10 minutes and a 240-volt that can 25 miles in one hour.

It is likely that electric vehicles will quickly grow in popularity and the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas will be ready for them when they do.  At each of the charging stations electric vehicle owners will have two different options for charging their vehicles.  One option is a 480-volt charger that will add 30 miles of charge to the vehicle in only 10 minutes and the other will take one hour to add 25 miles of charge to the vehicle.  NRG Energy Inc. will also be developing home chargers for electric vehicle owners.

NRG Energy Inc. serves energy consumers throughout Texas as do multiple other companies which is why it is important to call Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 to compare the different rates.

Electric Rates can help you find the best deal whether it is through NRG or it is through another company so They are the people to call if you are looking for a new electricity company.


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