Switching to Solar in Los Angeles Worth the Cost

by Michelle on April 29, 2011

These days everybody is talking about renewable energy sources and one that is getting a lot of attention is solar energy.  Solar energy is one of the most renewable forms of alternative energy and more and more people are having panels installed on their homes and businesses than ever before.  And switching to solar in Los Angeles is well worth the cost according to some individuals throughout the state.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power even gives rebates to individuals wishing to have solar panels installed on their home or business which really helps for the panels to pay for themselves in a very short time.  Another way to reduce energy costs if you live in the Los Angeles area is to compare energy rates by calling ElectricRates.com at 1-800-971-4020.

  • Southern California Edison customers in Irvine, California who have 4 kilowatt systems installed can drop their energy costs to $20 a month from $130 with the rebate program.
  • Los Angeles energy consumers can fair even better with the rebate that they receive and can reduce their monthly energy costs so much that their entire year of energy use can be as low as $267.
  • Those individuals who receive rebates from the state of California are also eligible for federal rebates for renewable energy as well.
  • With all rebates combined Los Angeles and other California energy consumers can end up paying $10,000 for a $35,000 solar panel system.

Solar energy is one of the most commonly used types of renewable energy.  Having solar panels installed can mean saving a lot of money on monthly and yearly energy costs and with the rebate program it is much less expensive than some might think.  Using renewable energy is a great way to reduce energy costs but there are numerous other ways to do this as well.

Call us and you can find out if you can save money just by switching energy companies.

ElectricRates.com can compare energy rates for you so you don’t have to and you still get to save if they find you a lower rate.


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