With all the talk you hear about renewable energy these days, particularly solar energy, it is no surprise that another solar farm is in the works.  This time the solar farm being discussed would be built in San Angelo, Texas on a 1260 acre piece of land owned by the city of San Angelo.  And since legislation is being pushed that would make it easier to commence such projects the future of the solar industry in the state of Texas is looking particularly bright.  Solar energy is a great renewable source of energy because not only is it one of the most renewable but it is also considerably inexpensive in comparison to some of the other sources and the equipment needed to utilize them.  Energy consumers can also reduce energy costs by comparing energy rates and choosing the company with the lowest rates and the best plan and this is simple to do when you call Electric Rates and let them do it for you.

  • If the solar project in San Angelo is approved the total cost of the project will reach around $450 million.
  • In upwards of 90 megawatts of electricity would be produced by the solar farm, which has the potential to power 16,000 residences.
  • Because the cost of the project is so high it could create a significant number of jobs for individuals living in the area.
  • It is a New York based company that is pushing for the project to be approved and initiated.

The San Angelo solar project that is the topic of so much discussion may seem a bit high priced but the amount of energy that can be produced by the farm is definitely significant.  In addition solar energy is much better for the environment which is always an added selling point when such projects are being discussed.

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Electric Rates can help you to not only determine the lowest rate but help you find companies offering renewable energy too.  That means little work with a lot of benefits for you.


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