I have written about the so called “Ambit Energy Scam” on this site before using a rule my mother told me “if you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t say anything.” Again I have to say that the Ambit Energy Scam Lawsuit is something I have little knowledge about.

Here is what I do know Law360.com is reporting a 1.1 billion dollar lawsuit against the energy giant. Ambit is an MLM and like most MLMs may face some kind of lawsuit. A $1.1 billion lawsuit would take a huge toll on any company.

According to newsandinsight.thomsonreuters.com Ambit is “operating as a pyramid scheme which makes false and misleading statements that constitute deceptive acts or practices.”

In my Ambit Energy Scam article I talk about how family members tend to make promises that they cannot keep. I hope this lawsuit is not because of a family member not telling the whole truth.

As for the claims that Ambit discriminated against a woman that is a different matter. Women have the same rights as men and if there is one shred of evidence that Ambit did discriminate against her I feel she could win the case in some degree.

Please don’t jump to any conculsions and claim “Ambit Energy is the worst company ever”. Instead do some digging about the lawsuit and see if or how much water it really holds.

2 thoughts on “Ambit Energy Scam Lawsuit …

  1. mark miller says:

    ambit nearly doubled my bill and there is no way to get hold of them I have been on hold for nearly 3 hours what a scam they leave you on hold and offer to call you back if you press 1 then they hang up. I got this plan from a friend some friend

  2. mark miller says:

    last call 1 hour 21 mi and then they hang up now over 3 hrs and no rep I will take the rest of my day if I have to get this canceled and the news will spread fast

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