TXU Mobile AppTXU Energy is just like every other company trying to stay ahead of the technology curve. With the lunch of TXU’s mobile website m.txu.com and the new TXU app the giant energy company is not just keeping up with the times they are riding the waves of change.

Change is a good thing but usually is met with resistance. Skeptics might think “who is going to use a mobile website to sign up customers” or “why create an app that customers can use to pay their bill on?”.

The number of new signups for TXU Electricity service from the new mobile site may be a number smaller than hoped for but it will be higher than another companies because TXU has the market cornered.

It would not be surprising to see other companies like TXU launch a mobile website or create an app. Companies in a monopolistically competitive market sell the same products. It is natural for TXU to try to differentiate from its competitors.

TXU Energy has been dominating the energy market for some time. The company is a leader in innovation and is always looking for ways to improve the business. Is the lunch of the mobile site just a good business strategy to get buzz going about the business?

Of course it is a great strategy and it will give the company lots of buzz. This article is all about how TXU is leading the industry. The strategy works.

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