If you are shopping for electricity services in Chicago, Illinois this post is for you.

You can shop and compare Chicago, IL electricity services with Electric Rates and save money on your business’ electric bill. You don’t have to contact every energy company in Illinois to see their rates. Electric Rates offers a compare chart of several energy companies and their rate plans.

Energy deregulation opened up the energy market so you can choose your retail electric provider (REP). Electric companies now have to compete for your business. Before deregulation you did not have a choice when it came to who you buy electricity from. The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) regulated the energy market.

Illinois electric companies offer variable and fixed rate plans. Most variable rate plan do not have a contract which offers you flexibility. A fixed rate plan locks in your rate for the term of the contract. When Chicago electricity rates rise due to an increase in gas prices a fixed rate plan will stay the same while a variable plan could increase.

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You will receive a no-obligation energy proposal from one of our Chicago electricity consultants. The proposal will include bids from several energy companies.

More about Deregulation

This is the process which gets power to your home or business. The power generation companies own the facilities which generates the power. They sell the electricity to the electric provider which turns around and sells it to you for a profit. Electricity suppliers own the poles, wires, and meters. If you see a TDSP charge on your electric bill it is to cover the electricity suppliers cost.

We did not offer residential comparison services when this post was written.

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