I did some recent research about Glacial Energy and came across “scam” articles. One article on www.ripoffreport.com claimed the company was not paying commissions to its representatives. The article was a few years old and the author has since withdrawn his statements.

New developments about Glacial Energy Scam Click Here

I also came across the normal scam issues associated with energy companies: variable rate plans. I don’t want to go into great detail about this issue but if you have never shopped for an energy company before do some research about variable rate plans.

Is the so called “Glacial Energy Scam” real?

No! I might have too much faith in the Public Utility Commission but as far as I can tell there is no Glacial Energy Scam even tho there are several website claim there is.

Former or current employees of companies get mad all the time when they feel mistreated. I wish these types of employees would voice their concerns in a different way. Putting complaints on every website that will take them does nothing to help them or the company they work for.

If you have a complaint about your energy company send it to the Public Utility Commission.

It is troubling to hear employees criticizing their companies. If the claims from every website were true we are all in a lot of trouble.

Electric Rates does not represent Glacial Energy nor sell electricity through Glacial. To see Glacial Energy’s rate plans visit GlacialEnergy.com.

More Information

Glacial Energy sells electricity to commercial and industrial customers in several deregulated states. The company offers competitive energy pricing which means you can save money on your business’ electric bill.

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