Black Friday has come and gone and now you are realizing Christmas is just a few short weeks away. If you are like me the budget this year is a little smaller than last year which means I’m looking for anyway to save money.

The easiest way to save during the Holiday season is simplely cutting back. Eating out less or spending more time at home is what you do to save money. I recommend an easer way to save. Find cheaper electricity services. is probably not your first place to search for something to help you buy all your Christmas presents but using the compare chart can save you money. Saving money on your electric bill makes spending hundreds of dollars on presents easier.

I have noticed a big change in the way you are shopping for electricity service providers in Pennsylvania. When the Rate Caps expired last year you had a choice to stay with your current provider or switch to a new one. Lots of you switch saving you money on your electric bill.

Some of you switched and did not save money. Why? One of the most common mistakes you may have made when trying to sign up with a new electricity service is choosing the wrong rate.

Met Ed | Default West Penn Power makes it easy to see what your default energy service provider is charging in your area. The “Price To Compare” makes it easy to see if rates are lower with a different provider BUT it does not show which rate is best for you.

You may think the lowest price rate plan will save you the most money but the truth is that is not always the case. The variable rate plans are in most cases the lowest price. You may have signed up with one of these variable plans and saw some saving in the first month but after that you saw a big increase.

Variable rate plans, like the name says, can change. If you want to lock in your price choose a fixed rate plan. Most fixed rate plans have a contract.

The Fee for ending the contract varies from provider to provider. You may prefer a fixed rate plan if you don’t have the time to shop for a new electricity service provider each month.

Visit to learn more about deregulation.

Go spend the money you save from your electric bill on your friends and family.

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