Mechanical meters are being replaced with evolved Smart Meters. The two-way digital communication capabilities give you the benefits of tracking your electricity consumption in 15 minute periods.

Electric suppliers (poles and wires) will be able to track power outages caused by fallen trees with the Smart Meter technology. You will also be able to track your usage through It is easy to save money when you can buy an in-home monitor from your Retail Electric Provider (REP) which converts usage into dollars.

Smart Meters allow energy companies like TXU, Direct Energy, Payless Power and several others the ability to sell Pre-paid (no-deposit) electricity plans. If you are looking for an energy company and you don’t have the money for a deposit you should look into signing up with a prepaid light company.

Oncor’s electricity service area is the only area in which no-deposit plans are offered at this time. You can expect smart meters in other service areas soon because of the benefits they offer to you and the energy companies.

You can compare prepaid light companies in Texas by typing your zip code into the compare box and clicking “Compare.” There will be several tabs on the top of the compare chart. Click the “No-deposit” to see electricity plans in your area.

Are Smart Meters Safe?

The radio frequency or RF transmission signals the smart meter puts out are comparable to the low level radio frequency of other common electronic devices. The Smart Meters pass the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards to be considered a safe electronic device.

What About Smart Meters For My Business?

Smart Meters give small business the ability to track usage. Large businesses already have energy managers or hire energy constants to analyze with IDRs (Interval Data Recorders). If you own a small business you will be able to use the smart meters to manage cost while keeping your company competitive.

Call 1-800-971-4020 to speak with an energy consultant.

An energy consultant may be able to help you save money whether or not you have a smart meter.

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