I have written articles in the past about energy scams which talk about variable plans and how they can affect your view of energy companies.

This article is not a “Con Edison Scam” post.

I came across Con Edison’s Scam article on coned.com which talks about energy scams the company has become aware of and are doing its best to combat. The scams mentioned in the article include imposters, email virus, and Green Dot scams. Con Edison is not the only energy company these scams have happen to. There are several times we have seen others complaints about imposters coming to your homes.

Con Edison wants you to report any email virus to FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. The emails will appear as if they came from Con Edison and will contain a zip file attached to it. Other companies have had similar issues so be careful no matter who they say they are.

If someone comes to your door claiming to work for your electric company ask to see ID. Con Edison’s employees will have a name tag with their ID on it. Call your electric company if you want to make sure they are who they say they are.

Con Edison scam: Green Dot. Con Edison does not accept green dot to pay bills. If someone tries to get you to pay using Green Dot, don’t.

Con Edison Review

Con Edison has been providing New York, New York electricity for over 180 years. The company also sells natural gas services. Con Edison is a utilities company not to be confused with ConEdison Solutions the Retail Electric Provider (REP). They both are owned by Consolidated Edison Company.

To shop and compare rates for the Con Edison’s utility area type your zip in the compare box and click compare. You will see a list of energy plan offers in Electric Rates’ compare chart.

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